Mustra (Music Trade) is a music market where professionals from all fields of the music industry can provide services in making any music project in the world, from their own studio.

The goal of this platform is to provide new opportunities for all music production companies via Internet, connecting studio musicians, sound engineers, producers and artists. Each of them can make a new income in this way. Online collaboration is already happening in the music world. Mustra is a platform where professional musicians all over the world can can show all their abilities and professional qualities.

How it works? On Mustra, service providers in the field of music production offer their services that they "deliver" online. They establish the conditions of cooperation, present the representative audio and video examples of their work, outline what is best for them in the offer for customers - playing, singing, mixes, production, education, etc. All communication is done through the Mustra system. Customers are required to publish a review of what they purchased on Mustra.

When the buyer purchases the produced audio material, the payment is done through Pay Pal service, as well as the E-pay system (for the entities from Serbia). The buyer has the opportunity to listen to the offered material and, if satisfied, with one click buy it and download it. Mustra retains the commission from the seller.

Profits and Privileges: For vendors, profits are obvious - Mustra carries out all the necessary marketing to sell what they are best for. Customers, using Mustra, have the privilege and the ability to search and use the offers of creative and talented artists around the world.

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